Fashion Show, Part II

Bobbin: With half-marathon finisher medal!

The Henry James quote of the day, from “A Most Extraordinary Case,” 1868:

She listened with all the respect which an intelligent woman who leads an idle life necessarily feels for a clever man when he consents to make her in some degree the confidant of his intellectual purposes . . . .  and he had thus the great satisfaction of discussing with the woman on whom of all others his selfish and personal happiness was most dependent those great themes in whose expansive magnitude persons and pleasures and passions are absorbed and extinguished, and in whose austere effulgence the brightest divinities of earth remit their shining.

This past summer, in a fit of expanding my horizon, I knitted three hats.  What can I say …  I was feeling guilty about The Stash, and I thought 25 years was long enough NOT to ever have knitted a hat (Gasp! And you call yourself a knitter!).  The hat is modified from a pattern by Elsebeth Lavold, and although it would never have occurred to me, she described it (in its original golden color) as “reminiscent of a chanterelle.”  I was quite charmed by her imagination.

Someday I might knit that first pair of socks …

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